1. There should be one question every 10 days (or so).
1. The first person who sends the answer to the quiz question GETS 25 points.
2. The second person who sends the answer GETS 15 points.
3. The third person who sends the answer GETS 9 points.
4. The points you collect count towards your final result in "Chase the K!"
5. IT's important WHEN YOUR INFORMATION WAS CREATED (it's easy to see), not when I get it.
6. The answers must be full sentences - you may not get a credit if your answer is grammatically poor...
7. Of course - only the correct answers will be accepeted and for such you will get the points.
English proverbs (1): All that glitters is not gold (do not be deceived by things or offers that appear to be attractive.)
(culture) /1/ What film is this shot from? /2/ Who are the actors? (klick the photo to enlarge)

This is shot from the film Titanic. The actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
Ania Wędrychowicz 25 / Hiacynta 15 / Karolina Szymańska 9.
(architecture) The biggest airport in Poland is The Okęcie? What is it in England and where is it?

It’s London Heathrow Airport in Hillingdon, London.
Ania Wędrychowicz 25 / Hiacynta 15 / Karolina Szymańska 9 / Marysia Głowacka 5.
(history) The man in the photo is a Polish national hero, but not only Polish. /1/ Who is this? /2/ In which English speaking country is he a hero too and /3/ what for? (klick the photo to enlarge)

The man is Tadeusz Kościuszko. He is a hero in the USA, he fought in the American Revolutionary War.
Karolina Szymańska 25 / Gosia Rodzewicz 15 / Hiacynta 9 / Dagmara Dziwak 5.
(history) (1) How many "Elisabeths" have there been on the British throne so far and (2) when?

There have been two Elizabeths on the British throne. First was Elizabeth I Tudor,from 1558 to 1603. The second is Elizabeth II, from 1953 to today.
Karolina Sz 25 / Ania W 15
(geography) (1) What countries are there in the UK (2) and what are their captal cities? (3) List the countries from the biggest to the smallest one.